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Mandy Lin's Legal Battle with her Former Employer

Mandy Lin, a member of our chapter, has been in a still ongoing legal battle started in 2000 by her former employer, a major chemical company.

Please help Mandy Lin and sign the online petition. Details about her case are provided below.

Background About the Case

The lawsuit against her was filed 10 days after the US EEOC initiated an investigation against the employer, based on a complaint of retaliation Mandy Lin filed with the federal government. The EEOC completed that investigation in 2002 and issued a formal Determination that the lawsuit filed in 2000 was motivated by retaliation and that the chemical company violated the Title VII federal law. Despite the EEOC Determination, a year later in 2003, the former employer further extended the retaliation to Mandy Lin's new employment, for which Mandy filed her 3rd complaint with the EEOC in 2004. Started the new investigation in 2006, the EEOC expects to complete this 3rd investigation this year.

Judge Bernard Moore

The lawsuit filed by the chemical company in 2000 has been handled by Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge Bernard Moore for 9+ years, and has become the biggest case in Montgomery Court, with 1054 docket entries and 11 judgments entered, and 10 of 11 judgments had been stricken shortly after. This unusual case has been twice spotlighted on its front page by Philadelphia Inquirer in two lengthy investigative reports, which was followed by an online petition signed by many taxpayers, seeking Justice and Judicial Accountability in Judge Moore’s courtroom.

This year Moore is up for retention for his next 10-year term as a judge. Does he care about justice? How many years does one large company, "motivated by retaliation", need to go to court against one former female employee, to waste tax payers' money?

Take Action: Sign the Petition

Please help Mandy Lin and sign the online petition.

Philadelphia Inquirer Articles About the Lawsuit

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